Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cute Just Because

I know we just did cute, but I've sort of been on autopilot. The election was a big disappointment. (I know, I know, "disappointment" is a racial code word to Democrats) So let me just blurt it out: "The disappointment won."

So I've been trying to imagine how the economy can absorb the hidden tax that is Obamacare. Or how the workforce can absorb the shift to part time status for workers who should be, and need to be, full time. I can see another recession on the horizon. And I can see the Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) blaming Republicans if we stand firm on the "2% tax."

The $80 billion that the tax represents is a small fraction of what we would need to counteract the drag of Obamacare and the other Obamadrains on this economy, but not giving it to them would be giving them a pass on this whole ugly Obamamess.

So now I'm just psyching myself up for another rough 4 years. We'll get through it, but in the meantime, cute:


tomg51 said...

What is it? Second-to-last: ermine?

lumberjack said...

Could be an ermine. I'm also not sure of the pose - at first I thought it was playful scampering, but it could be attacking. Most cat-like creatures are perpetually this close to attack mode.