Thursday, November 01, 2012

Oh the Humanity

Some days it's best not to even turn on the Drudge. Today he linked to an NBC report on the "heartbreaking scene" of people getting free stuff from dumpsters.

So the hurricane comes and knocks out refrigeration at the supermarket. This means that even if the power comes back on, all the refrigerated and frozen food has to go. It went unrefrigerated for too long and can't be sold. No doubt some of it is still good. And it's free. So people grab free food. I fail to see the heartbreak.

Remember Katrina, when there were reports of cannibalism after a day without power? "Sorry Bob, I finished the raisin bread this morning and my stomach is starting to rumble..." At least Obama is president and NBC won't roll out the cannibalism scare on a Democrat's watch.

Hey, on any given day I've got a weeks worth of food on hand. These guys knew a hurricane was coming. If they're already eating the neighbor's dog, that's on them. It's too early for starvation.

There may be hardship in New York; I'm sure there is. But this isn't it. This is free food.