Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Also Works on "Bingo Wings"



Hey also - did you hear the blah-blah-blah from Benjamin Kline Hunnicutt? He is professor of leisure studies at the University of Iowa. His argument is typical dross, of the type: put words in the mouths of Republicans then read their minds.  

But while his article interests me absolutely zero, I'm intrigued by anyone clever, or devious, enough to make a career out of something that comes naturally to  his students. (well, to all mankind actually) How do you teach leisure? And more important: is it possible to fail a course on leisure studies? "I'm sorry son but you just didn't apply yourself this semester. Perhaps you should have enrolled in the introductory leisure course first."

It also makes me wonder if I could get a similar job. I think I'd do well as Professor of Yawning and Stretching. Really, you should see me yawn. Many find it such a compelling yawn that they must look away before it is half done. Why, I've yawned so well that it's required a trip to the emergency room to have all my joints put back in place. I mean really, I can yawn in three foreign languages.

But as Al Gore would say, I'm serial now, I wonder if Prof Hinnicutt teaches the only non intuitive truth regarding leisure: that it becomes much more enjoyable following a period of really demanding work. 

(could this professor Hunnicutt actually exist?)


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