Friday, February 21, 2014

How Lazy Have We Become?

I can see it now: the barbeque was set to begin in an hour and the urban grillmaster went out back to clean off the grill. On his way out, he had to step over the Roomba. And a light bulb appeared over his head.

So twenty minutes later the Roomba is melted and there are carpet fibers embedded in the grill skludge. Then came an afternoon of guests asking what was that odd seasoning in the burgers, and his wife's betrayal, and the threatened lawsuits.  But out of this perfectly understandable, albeit regrettable, chain of events came an idea: the Grillbot.

All I can figure is that these guys have never seen my grill. Sure, the Grillbot might clean it but then what's going to clean the Grillbot? A Grillbot-bot? And what's going to clean that? See where I'm going with this? I just have too much "grill-patina" to ever get clean without military grade explosives being involved.

Don't get me wrong, I think this is a great idea. But look at that thing. It's much too pretty to be set loose on a crud covered grill. Better just put it in a display case in the living room. But keep the charger; I have a feeling they'll be racing these things in Texas before long.


Nicole said...

Clean a grill? Patina just adds flavor, right? It all heats up to umpty degrees and becomes safe again, right?

lumberjack said...

Exactly. The French have a word for the charred bits of food around the edges. (course, they're French so..)

Anyway, I subscribe to the turn it up and burn it off method of cleaning.

kc said...

If not Texas, then Maine for sure - we attended belt-sander races at the local tavern when we lived there...

Build the fire just a LITTLE bigger than necessary for cooking - that'll take care of the worst of the 'patina.' ^_^ Right?

Justin Credible said...

How lazy have we become? People here are paying 5 to 7 times the value of an onion to buy it already diced.

I'm thinking of starting a small service company which will - for a substantial fee - chew a customer's food for them.