Thursday, February 20, 2014

Twenty Survival Tips

Didja know?:

3. Stay on the Dock.

On May 20, 2013, Kyle McGonigle was on a dock on Kentucky's Rough River Lake. A dog swimming nearby yelped, and McGonigle, 36, saw that it was struggling to stay above water. He dove in to save the dog, but both he and the animal drowned, victims of electric-shock drowning (ESD). Cords plugged into an outlet on the dock had slipped into the water and electrified it.

STAT: The number of annual deaths from ESD in the U.S. are unknown, since they are counted among all drownings. But anecdotal evidence shows that ESD is widespread. ESD prevention groups have successfully urged some states to enact safety standards, including the installation of ground-fault circuit interrupters and a central shutoff for a dock's electrical system.

DON'T: Swim within 100 yards of any wired dock. But do check whether docks follow safety standards.

Many of these survival tips are just common sense but some might surprise you. For instance did you know that the safest place to be during a natural disaster is in the interior room of a mansion, eating lobster with clarified butter? There are also surprisingly few hunting accidents in mansions. Afraid of drowning? Again, the safest place is the palatial estate.

That's why Al Gore will live forever most likely. Next to mansions, the safest place to be is in the rearmost seat of your limousine. Sipping champagne, without bears or snakes in attendance. (or if you absolutely must have bears, make sure they're small bears)  

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Lumberbrudi said...

We were both pool managers and lifeguards in our teens. Amid the political humor, your advice shows, you know how serious this topic is. Swimming has the highest fatality rate of all sports, even among first responders.

Hey everyone, this is the order:

"Reach, throw, row and go."