Sunday, February 16, 2014

Copenhagen Zoo Workers

Keep them away from our giraffes.


Veeshir said...

It makes total sense.
Except it doesn't.
It make sense because what are you going to do? Bury it? Cremate it?
How much would either cost?

How much would that much meat cost?
That was save/save and besides, lions eat them in Africa and it's the Circle of Life and all that (not as fun as Hakuna Matata, but still...)

It makes absolutely no sense because the reaction was as predictable as saying the glass will break when it's a foot from the concrete floor after falling 10 feet.

We lack two things in this world.

People who can look at things logically.


People who can look at plans and say, "Guys, maybe this isn't such a good idea."

It's good for entertainment, bad for civilization.

lumberjack said...

Yeah, stupidest thing in the world was to butcher it in front of children.

The internet says that other zoos had offered it a home, (and I think if it's on the internet it has to be true) but perhaps zoos are very competitive and this zoomaster wanted to mess with his competitors:

"Oh yes, we received you offer on the young giraffe and we'd be delighted to send him to you. (muffled shot on the background) Think it'd be ok to send him in two boxes?"

Veeshir said...

Oh yeah, I forgot they did it in front of a bunch of kids.

Yeah, they really needed that person to suggest it wasn't such a good idea.