Monday, February 03, 2014

The Argument Against Coats

I might finally agree with Peta on something. Men don't need fur coats.

Joe Namath btw is showing his age. Believe it or not, full length fur coats for men were a thing back in the 70's - 80's. It was to show you had money. (sort of a "I'm so rich, I don't mind if I look like my grandma from behind")

I remember the airlines having a problem with this. Five or six of those guys could use up every overhead bin in first class. (where they tended to show up)

Real men grow chest hair if they're cold.


OMMAG said...

Still ... Denver would have been well advised to hire Joe for the day as QB.

OMMAG said...

BTW ... did you see that guy who carried out the Lombardi trophy?

Veeshir said...

His second choice was panty-hose.

So.... rethinking your "No fur coats for Broadway Joe" stance?

kc said...

It was a very masculine coat - not the full-length kind he used to wear. I loved it...mostly because of the people I know that were undoubtedly freaking right out.