Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Call

LEADER CANTOR: Hello Mr. President.

PRESIDENT OBAMA : Hello... Hello, Hello? Hel -looo, Hello?

LEADER CANTOR: Mr. President, thanks so much for taking the call. Officially we are calling to inform you that the House and Senate have established a quorum and that, as you know, we have elected John Boehner Speaker and we are ready to receive any communication that you’d be pleased to make.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Hello, hellohellohellohello, Can ya hear me now? Hello?

LEADER CANTOR: Thank you, Mr. President and we as well. I think following up on the ability for us to work together is important – as was demonstrated in the tax bill. I know that many of us are anxious for you to come up to the Hill for the State of the Union address. And I know.....