Monday, January 24, 2011

March for Life 2011

The March that Isn't There for 2011 is spooling up and non-coverage has already begun.

The Lumberkid is in this march, just as she has been every year since she was tall enough to not get stepped on. This is the first year she had to come to DC from out of the area though. She boarded a bus at midnight last night and rode through the night to get here. Now she's out in the bitter cold with many tens of thousands of others in The March They Pretend Isn't There. She couldn't get a seat in the Verizon Center so this year she'll rally at the DC Armory.

Imagine that, the Verizon Center and the Armory full of protesters, with even more people joining in for the march, and still the grudging news coverage is dwarfed by Jon Stewart's Lets Have Fun Rally.

When I was the Lumberkid's age Pravda could make news events disappear by just not covering them. These days, with alternative media everywhere, even Pravda can't get away with it. But still the main stream media in the US resists acknowledging the biggest recurring yearly protest in the nation's capitol. The New York Times did not print a single word about last years march. Not one.

If you're interested in the March you can tune into EWTN. The web feed seems to be overwhelmed at the moment but that may change through the day. Chances are your local cable provider carries EWTN, too.

Stay warm Lumberkid.