Saturday, January 29, 2011

March for Life Pictures 2011

As promised, pics from the Wonderkid, er, Thunderkid, no, Lumberkid. They started off this year in the DC Armory because the Verizon Center was full. She took a picture of the ceiling because of all of the "holes". I think the explanation they settled on was, "Well it's an armory, they must shoot the guns through the roof sometimes when they get bored.

It's really kind of spectacular. These kids, getting up at hours that I have successfully argued with previous employers don't exist, or riding buses all night, or flying in, all to make a statement about what they know is right. They slept on floors, or didn't sleep. They ate church sandwiches. They shivered. They marched.

All so silly men like Arthur Ochs Sulzberger can pretend that they don't exist. I'm sure that it's the digital age killing the once great newspapers, but I can't help but wonder if abandoning real news in favor of an agenda didn't hasten their downfall. Maybe there was once a time when being ignored by the NYT meant obscurity. Now I think it's a badge of honor.

Something is happening here but you don't know what it is, do you, Mr. Sulzberger.

Thanks for this kids. You're my heroes.