Monday, January 03, 2011

Reaction to Attack on Egyptian Christians

Claire Berlinski, at Ricochet, reports on Muslim reaction to that Christian church bombing in Alexandra:

There has, in fact, been protest, and quite a bit of it:

Meanwhile, a few thousand demonstrators gathered in the area of Mar Morcos, where the bombed church and the Mari Girgis hospital are located, chanting “Muslims and Christians will not be disunited”, protestors told Ahram Online that they are residents of the area, and do not belong to any specific group or organization.

Torkeya Abdelsalam, one of the demonstrators and a Muslim, said she lives near the Saints church and has witnessed the explosion. AbdelSalam said, “this is not Islam,” and that she was taking part in the protest to demonstrate this.

The call for protest has been widespread in Egypt:

Different political groups called for a demonstration today at 7 PM in Shubra in front Dawaran shubra square, under the slogan “one nation one country one worry” to condemn attacks on Saints church.

Parties and groups who answered the call and declared that they will be participating include Karama Party, El-Amal Islamic Party, the recently formed leftist group Hashd, The National Association for Change, the Justice and Freedom group, The Revolutionary Socialists and the 6th of April movement.

The condemnation of the bombing has been universal among heads of state in the Islamic world, and in fact, even the most extreme of Islamists have expressed their revulsion...

No doubt some of it is hypocritical, but it's good to see that radical Islam does not necessarily equal Islam.