Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas Spirit

Here's the Lumber Camp Rudolph again. Once again, the neighbors shamed me into putting him out. They always do such a good job, and I want to follow suit... but, well, look at him. I used a flash so you can't tell so much that half the lights are burned out. In fact, it takes a pretty good imagination to stand at the street and say, "reindeer, yes, I think it's a reindeer." Guessing "turtle" or "angel" or "umbrella" could also be considered more right than wrong. The lights will go out by ones and twos until, at the end of the season, it will be, "Look mommy, a Christmas bug."

And here's the deer team that mocks my infirm Rudolph. They're blurred because they move.... one turns his head to look to the reindeer behind him, one nibbles the grass, one hops back and forth, rarin' to go. The Santa scratches his head and searches for a yard "less close to that moth-eaten travesty next door."