Friday, December 15, 2006

Nifong the Clown

Mike Nifong is part clown - the other part of him, well, that's clown too.

Watching this whole Duke lacrosse mummery, which just gets worse and worse, I have to wonder why Nifong keeps on. Couldn't he have said months ago that upon further consideration, in light of new evidence, etc. he has decided to drop the charges? His case is in tatters. He won the election. But still he goes on, looking like an idiot to every person in the country outside of the Nifong family. Can being on the national stage be that intoxicating? Even when you're the Borat of the legal community?

I'm as much a lawyer as I am a lumberjack, but it seems to me he could be disbarred for stuff like this:

Meehan [the DNA lab director] testified that he and Nifong had decided to withhold certain results of the DNA tests in order to protect the privacy of the Duke lacrosse players who had submitted samples. Asked by a defense attorney how lab results clearing all 46 players would violate their privacy, Meehan fumbled for an answer as Nifong sat with his head lowered, staring at documents.

Under persistent defense prodding, Meehan conceded that his lab's DNA tests cleared the three defendants -- as well as 43 other lacrosse players -- "with 100 percent scientific certainty," as one lawyer put it during questioning.

***Update: Because it was easy to do....


Anonymous said...

It's GUILT...he wants people to know that he deserves to be publicly humiliated for his behaviour...getting reelected was something he knows he did not deserve and now secretly wants to atone for.....
Perhaps he will get his wish!

Let the mocking continue!