Monday, December 04, 2006

The Walking Imams

Sarwat Husain (president of the Council on American Islamic Relations-San Antonio) says:

"One ignorant passenger got nervous and passed a note to one of the crew members, accusing the imams of something they did not do or say, only because he had watched the imams praying."
It's simple. People know and can recognize aggressive eye contact. They recognize scowls.

And here's a thought: how is it that of the three hundred people on the plane, not one passenger has come forward to say, "wait a minute, the Imams were minding their own business,"? Was it a plane filled completely with ignorant bigots? And again, one witness said, "I travel to Turkey frequently and know many Muslims personally. The behavior of the group in the gate area was atypical for my experience w/ Muslims, incl among other things, aggressive eye contact in response to mine."

Nah, the passengers did the right thing. I'm sure those who did come forward with their concerns did so with great reluctance. Nobody wanted a confrontation, well, except for the Imams. The walking-imams.


OMMAG said...

There are no shortage of reports on this....seems that these goomers were deliberately trying to provoke a response.
They got what they were asking for.

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