Saturday, December 02, 2006

Scowling Imams

Why are they "the flying Imams"? They didn't fly anywhere. Many of the other passengers felt they were behaving aggressively though. So "scowling Imams" is probably a more accurate description.

I've typed out one of the handwritten witness statements from a 35 year-old clergyman:

I travel to Turkey frequently and know many Muslims personally. The behavior of the group in the gate area was atypical for my experience w/ Muslims, incl among other things, aggressive eye contact in response to mine.[in margin: "the way in which they observed their prayers"] On board the flight I sat next to someone whose boarding pass said Ibrahim Mohamed. I purposefully engaged him lengthy conversation. Over the course of the conversation the following was revealed:

He is an Imam from Egypt who has attended school from kindergarten through PHD at one of the oldest existing Islamic universities.
He first told me he was doing PHD work in Bakersfield,
as things didn’t add up I continued to question.
He eventually said he was only using the library in Bakersfield, then that he was really advocating/representing Muslims here in the U.S. and not doing the work he said related to his PHD.

He expressed views I consider to be extreme fundamentalist Muslim views. He expressed the problems of non-sharic (Islamic Law) governments and the extensive problems of this even in the Middle East. (i.e. Turkey repressing Muslims, should be under sharia etc.) Egypt as well, etc.
He indicated that it was necessary to go to whatever measures necessary to obey all that’s set out in the Quran.

I’m open to be of further, detailed assistance, if necessary.

(He said that he had an Egyptian wife and 2 1/2 yr. old daughter in Bakersfield and that all of their families were in Egypt)
This is as accurate as I could make it from the handwritten copy - if you see a mistake let me know. (in theory, I am subject to making mistakes, in theory)

The police report, and other related info, is available from PJ-Media.