Sunday, December 24, 2006

I'm Off, But You Knew That

So the drive-around Christmas begins. The Scandinavians among us will open presents tonight and, well, and tomorrow morning too, just to accommodate those who married Scandinavians. Win-win situation. Thanks to everyone for the good thoughts and good wishes. Merry Christmas, and Happy Chanukah to you all.


Anonymous said...

Yeah... don't forget to sell your Christmas stocks on trendio in time

talnik said...

Slacker. Michelle's working.

lumberjack said...

You're right of course, I have slacked. But I had to install my new PC toys... and, consequently, had to repair the PC's because it's their job to break whenever anything changes. Windows seems to run fine if you just keep it in hibernation. It's us risk takers who move the mouse from time to time that cause all the problems.