Thursday, December 28, 2006

JR Salzman

I got to Lumberjack in a Desert via Mudville Gazette, which passed on this ungood news:

it is hard for me to tell you all this but i was hurt by an ied here. my right arm has been amputated below the elbow, my left has four working fingers. my legs are fine so l can still logroll! i am on my way to the hospital in germany, then back to the states for more care. i am in high spirits. i am going to be ok, but i will have a long road to recovery. please remember me in your prayers, as well as those who were injured with me. i will let you know more as time passes.

What a way to find out there are other blogging lumberjacks (technically: blumberjacks, or, in my case, blogging faux lumberjacks, or bloflumberjacks) out there. Don't know why I never googled "lumberjacks," though a fair amount of traffic gets here by way of searches. Anyway, I wish I'd found Lumberjack in a Desert under different circumstances. I'm wishing JR Salzman the best of luck in his recovery. He's in our prayers.


Tom Bailey said...

Thanks for posting that story. I have an idea to do something positive for the guy.

I connected to you through hillaries.

Anonymous said...

Not to make light of Mr. Salzman's troubles......He seems to be in good spirits and good company!

Wry Mouth said...

I wouldn't want to go up against him in a logroll... with that attitude, he'd likely kick my ass -- er, my "Rago!"