Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Misleading Photo

Much has been made of a single photo showing John Kerry eating alone on his recent trip to Iraq. Later photos show that the senator did have table mates at one point in the meal. It also should be pointed out that most of the senator's friends in Iraq are not allowed in the Green Zone. This made it hard for him to coordinate meetings, lunches, etc.


Laney said...

The Kerry picture you parody was made in or before January 2006, long before Kerry's joke. It's a quick breakfast, not a formal event of any kind. It appears to have been tampered with. It may not even have been made in Iraq. See

Another fake Kerry photo.

An honorable person apologizes after passing on slander. Will you? Didn't think so.


lumberjack said...

Passing slander? I'm the guy who's saying that John Kerry has lots of fans in Iraq. He's even more popular in some caves in Afghanistan.