Monday, December 18, 2006

Good News Bad News

We all have heard about Darfur. Situation bad, getting worse. It's even spread to Chad. So, not good. Anyway I had heard about the UN sending 183 experts to the region, woo-hoo, that ought to solve the problem. And South Africa is trying to help.

So anyway, surfing around, I was surprised to find some good news:

Yesterday, a newly passed UN resolution says Khartoum must halt atrocities by Arab militias in the western Darfur region within 30 days.
Then.... darnit, I read the date:
Saturday, July 31, 2004
Well, these things take time.


talnik said...

Hey LJ

Check out the post titled "Standing By" at No Pasaran. Guess the Frenchies are bombing civilians in Africa.

lumberjack said...

If real fighting is going on, can it be long before the French surrender?
Yeah, I saw:
A French Defence Ministry spokesman said the action - which included regular Mirage sorties in neighbouring Chad where tens of thousands of refugees from Darfur are living - was in line with international calls to stabilise the region.

What I suspect is that the french realized that the Janjaweed militia won't stop until the last infidel (non Arab) is killed. Hasten that day and you get peace just that much quicker.

Anonymous said...

Back in the Reagan era, if I recall correctly, the Libyans were giving Chad trouble on their northern border. With just a little help from the US Chad kicked Libyan butt.

Maybe the same thing can be done this time.