Friday, February 02, 2007

All Is Lost

Here we see a polar bear eating his plastic chair because the ice has warmed up so much that it's no longer too cold to sit upon with a [caution-pun ahead] bear butt.

Whoa, here he is again. He must have finished eating the first chair and is started on his second.. No, just kidding. It's groundhog day and everything is happening over and over again. This was a good thing when it involved the morning doughnut. When it came to banging my head on the garage door: not so much.

The good news is that this latest release from the Church of Global Warming adds the best news so far: it's irreversible. Thank goodness. Now maybe the shrillest of the GW Clergy will spend their days drinking heavily and will leave us alone.


PGP said...

Yes folks....NATURE is out to kill us all.....and the ONLY solution is to either kill yourself first or give all your money to the socialists so they can save you....or give them your money and then kill yourself....

Is this what they meant when they coined the term Political Science?