Thursday, February 08, 2007

Cooling the Debate

Roger Pielke reports on what happens to those who don't conform:

There are currently two efforts underway to remove two State Climatologists from their positions because they do not parrot the summary conclusions of the new IPCC Report. These attempts are in Delaware and Oregon. This follows the recommendation by Heidi Cullen of the Weather Channel to retract the certification of broadcast weather forecasters who do not accept what she considers is the accepted scientific view of global warming....
This seems a little ham handed. The GW Clergy can't stand opposition so they're trying to get rid of it. In the 90's they said, "All scientists have come to agree with us on global warming." And of course all scientists didn't agree. And every year or two since they would hear dissent when they proclaimed, yet again, that the science was settled. Now they're trying again and they don't mind using intimidation to stifle dissent. Not only do they want these two gone -- they want to send a message to others who might not agree on the origins of global warming, but will be silent in order to keep their jobs.

Hell of a way to win an argument. Seems like if you had faith in your reasoning, you wouldn't have to resort to this sort of thing.


TJ said...

I like your posts very much.

You now occupy a place in my blog links. (I know -- whooop dee dooo).

talnik said...

And yet, every day we hear reports that GW supporters are being silenced. And a couple of days ago, Gore stated the President was paying scientists to be anti-GW (Anti-G.W. Bush? Anti-Global Warming Bush?)
The Soviets tried this suppression of scientific debate back in the thirties with disasterous results (thank god).
Were doomed. Now even the hard sciences are politicized.
Fight to bring back the J. Geils Band.

Stone said...

My Mother always taught me that, "it's a pretty weak belief that can't stand up to a challenge." It's served me well. Maybe someone should relate this to the GW papistry.

OregonGuy said...

When does speech become civil disobedience?

Never. I'll never surrender to the forces that want to quell speech. Speech can't be contained. It can be stifled. It can be punished. But it can't be stopped.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn lived and wrote during the height of repression in the former Soviet Union. We're getting close to a "Cancer Ward" moment when a governor of a state argues politics against science. But he'll never admit it. To admit it means he's a fool.

The emperor has no clothes. And he doesn't care.

Please, look here

OregonGuy said...

By the way, let me know how you did the title bar.


PGP said...

Know the Facts!

lumberjack said...

I saw a graph long ago linking sun activity and temperature. The plots were locked together...

From this, after much cogitating, and many calculations, I concluded that the sun makes things warmer. I gave up trying to argue the point though, because if we could convince the GW clergy of this, they'd only switch to, "We've got to cool the sun. We've got to cool the sun!"