Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Strike Two

Jonah Goldberg comments:

It's worth noting, yet again, that 24 continues to depict America's most-liked TV action star as a routine torturer, willing to brutalize and dehumanize his own brother without losing his own humanity. If the moral issues were remotely as clear-cut as some anti-torture obsessives claim, we should be hearing some protest about the show.
I think the torture scenes have been a little tame. None of them have come close to depicting, say, the agony of the technical service line at the Verizon store.

But Jack Bauer does have two strikes against him on my scorecard. One, in the first episode, he was talking on the cell phone, writing down a number, and driving all at the same time. If they'd been shooting on my roads they would have had to edit out the insane honking coming from the lumber-truck. And B, last night he said "new-ku-ler." Why, I could have opened him a new socket and patched him through to the president via ax-handle when I heard that.


PGP said...

Like Homer said......NoooooKewLerrr!

talnik said...

Is it wrong to suffocate your brother with a plastic bag, and inject him with pain-inducing chemicals? I say NO! DO IT!!!
Especially when the asswipe use to beat the crap out of you, and piss in your milk, and blame everything on you, and make you stick your hand down his pants, and held you down and farted on your face!AAAAAARGH!