Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Well Put

Update at the top: Lots of people have been pulling up this page looking for the 'crystal meth progression' photo below. For some reason it was coming up a lot in google photo searches, even though my link was broken. Anyway so now it's hosted here. Anything, absolutely anything, that might make someone think twice about taking this horrible drug is worth having out there. Click on the pic for hugeness.

I didn't care about the article; it was the usual stretch to prove the existence of the coming inferno. Something along the lines of: this snowmobile fell through the ice because it was too thin - and the Viking settlers never had their snowmobiles fall through the ice, ergo global blah blah blah...

But what is worse... Do you see it? See the professional writer's use of the word "effect"? If you're going to say the wrong thing, saying it wrongly doesn't make it all better. The heat affects the ice. It has an effect upon it.

Ms Beth Duff-Brown, if that is your name, go back to school now. It will affect your writing.


Wrymouth said...

You jump to needless conclusions, LJ.

What if, in fact, Ms. Duff-Brown meant to report that the Global Warming Effects, having gained sentience, were now engaged in hunting down humans and endangered species?

What then?

I can clearly see a least a portion of the article: "he... stranded for two days. He now walk... with prosthectic feet."

If Global Warming Effects are this vicious, we'd better get prepared, pronto.

Wrymouth said...

"prosthetic" -- I know. My prosthetic thumb is acting up again.

lumberjack said...

Yeah, it could be the effect hunting us all... I'd lean towards crack-smoking in the news room affecting cogent writing, though.

Yeah, like I should criticize.

markm said...

Funny, I remember stories from the 19th century of people falling through ice - without the benefit of SUV's, snowmobiles, or global warming. Of course, back then he wouldn't have been rushed to the hospital by helicopter (or whatever), the doctors wouldn't have had antibiotics (or likely even have washed their hands), and if he did happen to survive, instead of high tech prosthetics he'd have a pair of peg legs.