Friday, February 09, 2007

Swing a Cat

AP story from Virginia:

ROANOKE, Va. (AP) - Bleeding from three bites and wearing only the housecoat she had on to retrieve her newspaper, an 85-year-old woman upended an attacking, rabies-crazed cat in the street in front of her home and, with her hand tight around its tail, beat the feline into submission against a nearby utility pole.

Isabelle Blankenship said turning the black and white stray cat into a club and "beating the devil out of it" was what saved her from further injury Friday morning in a bizarre assault in front of stunned neighbors.

Authorities said Monday that an examination of the deceased animal revealed the presence of rabies.
She "beat the feline into submission against a nearby utility pole." Those are words you don't hear strung together very often.


OMMAG said...

Ya know .... your comments thing must be wonkie.....I'm sure I posted a comment after I linked to this last week!

lumberjack said...

Hmmmm, could be. I think I remember reading one.
Blogger has been known to screw up like that. Hasn't happened to comments for a long time, though.