Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Everything is Global Warming

Dishonesty abounds. From The Telegraph:

Global warming has largely been blamed for the survival and spread of the Asian Hornet, Vespa velutina, which is thought to have arrived in France from the Far East in a consignment of Chinese pottery in late 2004.....

"There's no doubt that these hornets are heading north and will probably find their way to Britain at some point," said Stuart Hine, manager of the Insect Information Service at London's Natural History Museum.

"Climate change certainly means they can cope with European summers. However, they would still have difficulty coping with our winter frosts."
So it was global warming that made France the same latitude as China? All these bug experts and not one of them pointed this out? "We were hoping that our cold winters would stop their spread but thanks to global warming, France is now located between Germany and Spain! and even to the south of Great Britain! We are keeping an eye on Italy, if global warming pushes them north of us, all will be lost."

***Update: Found a wasp distribution map. It clearly shows that because of global warming, France is no longer a Scandinavian country. (yeah, like we'd have them)


OregonGuy said...

Thank you for pointing this out. As Global Warming continues unabated--like the tick-tick-tock of the stately clock, that stands against the wall--every county will, relatively, move closer to the Equator. This Equatorial Shift is little talked about as a direct cause of Global Warming.

Most people have heard about the world "getting smaller". As we approach the size of the Moon, greater shifts will occur in the world's center line (Equator) until everyone is able to appreciate a new, small world view.

Your's was a necessary post in the path to true, global enlightenment.

Marvin said...

Gee, I don't know that there are WASP's (WhiteAngloSaxonProtestants) in China!