Monday, February 26, 2007

Makes Sense to Me


Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm a little bit dull or something, but are they being sarcastic, or serious? I really can't tell.

lumberjack said...

They are seriously doing a candlelight vigil to support global warming awareness... Which is like making out to promote chastity. But the words in the sign are mine. I'm sure they're unaware of any irony in what they're doing.

Major Bill said...

Lumberjack, Thanks for clearing that up. I thought they looked awfully sincere. I definitely agree that they are unaware of the irony of their actions.

Major Bill

markm said...

Maybe if the candles were made from a renewable resource, like tallow or beeswax... Oh, but that's cruelty to animals!

So here's my new business plan. We'll sell the new ecologically-correct light source. True, it looks like a whale oil lamp, but no endangered species were harmed. Instead, we rendered down Michael Moore, Ted Kennedy, and Oprah Winfrey.